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15,00 €


Audio CD

The CD to save the club scene! Your support counts!

In two big waves, various Berlin bands (from Die Ärzte to Rammstein and many more) organized great campaigns with their fans to support their favorite clubs. "Save the clubs" is the still valid motto under which the project of the same name is implemented under well-known management. Forced To Mode were also there. With the help of their wonderful fans, a record result of over 6,000.00 euros was achieved for the Frannz Club in Berlin.

Now there is the matching "supporter CD", on which 15 different support acts cover other participating action bands. In addition to Dieter "Maschine" Birr, Pankow, Die Zöllner, Hasenscheisse, MC FITTI feat. Evil Jared and much more. Forced To Mode dare to try the touching Die Ärzte / Die Suurbiers title "Wie ein Kind".

With every CD purchase, 5.00 euros are donated to the "Arlamstufe Rot" (Red Alert) to support the event industry!

Product weight including packaging: approx. 180 g



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